Captivating Retro Chic: A Vintage-Inspired City Centre Wedding in Glasgow

Glasgow, a city steeped in history and industrial charm (and arguably Scotland's coolest city), became the perfect backdrop for a wedding that celebrated the allure of yesteryears. With a bride and groom who embraced retro chic aesthetics, their Glasgow City Centre wedding was a true blend of classic elegance and urban edginess. This blog post takes you on a journey through the enchanting love story of a couple whose passion for vintage clothing, cinematic photography, and serving looks came together to create a wedding day that was nothing short of magical.

Vintage Wedding Inspiration: The Bride's Love for Vintage

From the beginning, it was clear that this wedding would be a unique expression of the bride and groom's adoration for vintage fashion. Their personal style exuded the glamour of bygone eras, with a penchant for pearls, big dresses, cream tailored suits and delicate accessories. This love for vintage clothing and jewellery greatly influenced the overall aesthetic of the wedding, transforming it into a celebration of elegance and nostalgia.

Cinematic Wedding Photography: Setting the Scene

As the bride and groom had such a strong aesthetic vision for their day the wedding photography had to match up. To capture the essence of the day, the couple enlisted the expertise of a photographer who shared their passion for vintage aesthetics - me! The photography style employed was inspired by classic films, with attention to dramatic lighting, evocative poses, and a sense of storytelling that resonated deeply with the couple's romantic journey. I captured cinematic wedding photographs that told a story of each location and of the couple.

The wedding ceremony at St Aloysius Church in Glasgow began the day. Here the exceedingly high ceilings, ornate gold paintwork and dark wooden pews gave a dramatic edge to the photographs I shot. Capturing stolen glances and intimate moments in the church gave way for natural and love-filled photographs.

For the couples photographs I whisked the bride and groom off to the historic Glasgow Film Theatre. There we were transported to a world that evoked the golden age of cinema. The theatre's ornate mirrored exterior, bright lights, and nostalgic ambiance complemented the couple's vintage vision. We snuck inside to the cocktail bar and captured images that showed a bride deep in thought over her choice of partner.. And then, as though we'd watch a movie that had cheered our souls and solidified the bride's decision of marriage as we borrowed some popcorn and stepped outside to a play fight. This was all part of a narrative we concocted together to tell a story as though the pair were in a film themselves. The historic Glasgow Film Theatre became more than just a backdrop for the photos; it became a symbol of their shared journey into a happy future while honouring the past.

When I edited the images I made sure to use soft, dreamy tones and add delicate imperfections such as grain to give a nod to film photography. And I think this perfectly encapsulated the emotions and ambiance of the wedding!

Embracing Industrial Glamour: Editorial Wedding Photography

While the wedding was a tribute to vintage charm, as we wandered the City Centre of Glasgow I couldn't help but be struck by the juxtaposition of historic architecture and industrial landscapes. So, I decided to infuse a modern urban vibe into their photographs. Once the idea was suggested, the couple's commitment to embracing their surroundings led to a creative photoshoot that embraced Glasgow's industrial past. Against the backdrop of gritty brick walls, steel beams, and urban decay, the bride's vintage elegance and the groom's dapper attire stood out in striking contrast. It gave an editorial wedding photography feel to the final images and a unique perspective on a Glasgow wedding. That's what I love so much about these images!


The retro chic wedding of this bride and groom showcased how a love for vintage clothing and jewellery can breathe life into a wedding aesthetic. Their celebration in the heart of Glasgow's City Centre was a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and urban grit. With pearls as a symbol of enduring love, cinematic photography that told their story, and film photography style editing that captured the essence of the day, their wedding was an enchanting journey through time, love, and the magic of Glasgow's rich history.